Sabratha With Sabratha it is as with Leptis Magna. With a significant lower number of inhabitants (supposedly twenty thousand in the heydays) Sabratha however was more center of trade as it owns a natural harbor since its foundation.

Sabratha was also classified World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it offers a series of sites (the Greek influence is very obvious here), which are definitely worth a visit.

The worship of the goddess Isis took place in the temple of the same name (Isis temple).

The theater fulfills the same function as described at Leptis Magna and features some very well-preserved reliefs.

The agora is the Greek term for the Roman forum and formed the center of economic and juristic concerns. In most cases the Greek agora later became the Roman forum.

Pictures of Sabratha:

Sabratha - Picture of a bust. Sabratha-sculpture

Sabratha - Picture of a bust, part 2.Sabratha

View from the outside of the city towards Sabratha. Sabratha

Sabratha Relief of the three Graces. Sabratha-3-graces

Sculpture in the museum near Sabratha. Sabratha-Sculpture

Sculpture in the museum near Sabratha. Sabratha-Sculpture

Sabratha The Punic pillar. Sabratha-Punic pillar

Sabratha The Punic pillar part 2.Sabratha-Punic pillar

Sabratha - the theater. Sabratha-Theater

Sabratha The Theater at some distance. Sabratha-Theater

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