Oases in Libya

Mandara-lakes Oases in the desert of Libya are life-giving paradise in a hostile environment. Minds are worried about the huge agricultural project named Man-made-River in Libya. Within this project fossil ground water is being tapped in the desert in order to enable agricultural land utilization in Libya. Moreover the water is partly used for supplying the cities. Since the fossil ground water cannot refill itself, there are concerns, that for this reason at the same time life resources of the oases are ruined. One more reason for visiting these places for who knows how long they will still exist.

1) Ghadames

2) Gaberoun - Lake

3) Wau Al Namus

Libya’s oases are nice. But except of Ghadames, they are basically rather places for relaxing. If you have been driving 800 kilometers up and down the slopes of the desert in a jeep, you will appreciate this.