The Libyan Desert

Sahara The Sahara Desert is on the one hand sung about and admired on the other hand it is dreaded as one of the most hostile regions on earth. Almost ninety percent of Libya is situated in the Sahara Desert.

Dangers of the desert are basically the temperature and its variations, potentially poisonous animals and sandstorms. If you act appropriately though and travel to the desert with proper equipment, there is no reason for worry or fear.

The trip through Sahara Desert is in any case worthwhile, even if you have to cover sizeable distances to some extent (yet it can be a few hundred kilometers per day) to find a treasure.

The rewards are wonderful places such as Ghadames or the other oases Waw Al Namus and Gaberoun-See.

Beside the oases there are breathtaking landscapes to admire. Due to the persistent processing, rock forms itself to impressive and sometimes bizarre shapes.

There is no trifling with sandstorms. The sand infiltrates every chink - regardless how hard you protect yourself. For this reason the explicit recommendation is not to travel during a time, in which storms occur increasingly (see hints).

The desert is alive- this fact offers on one hand the possibility of seeing interesting forms of life at close range, on the other hand you have to reckon on dangerous animals as Scorpions or snakes. In this part of the desert both are however far from being as dangerous as they sometimes are believed to be. (An ordinary black scorpionís sting is not worse than the sting of a hornet.)

The Sahara Desert does by the way not only consist of finely granulated brown sand .-). There are different kinds of desert and you can become acquainted with them in numerous specifities here in Libya. As a matter of fact the major part consists of rock and pebble desert.

Who wants to take a trip to the desert upon oneself, has to put up with being en route with a four-wheel drive jeep for a long time. People, who get sick easily, shall be warned in this place. Especially in the sandy desert it is steeply rising and falling up and down the dunes. Of course everything has to happen quickly, so you do not lose the drive, otherwise you will easily get pinned. Hence the ride feels like sailing on waves with 10 meter height :-) In most of the areas though, there are fixed slops, on which you can drive quite comfortable.

Since you cannot avoid a trip through Sahara Desert, if you want to see the most interesting places of Libya, you should consider some aspects and prepare correspondingly.

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