Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna was built by the Phoenician, first inhabited by the Greek and later by the Romans and it is one of the most imposing cities of the ancient world. Along with Sabratha and Oea (later Tripolis), Leptis Magna forms the ancient Tripolitania. Leptis Magna is worldwide considered as the largest, remaining city of the ancient world and was therefore declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The nice thing about this relic is, that it brings you very close to the ancient world. It really is impressive to walk the measures- that is the city in its full extent. The proportions of buildings and streets are still original, which gives you a distinct feel of authenticity.

It is acted on the assumption of a one hundred thousand inhabitants in times of the Roman population, who had quite a high standard of living and was available of a progressive infrastructure. Accordingly you can find different, well-preserved buildings.

In the collosseum competitions and presentations were arranged in order to entertain folk and nobility.

The basilica was on a par with a building of splendor, in which trading companies met and which was used for court sittings.

The thermal springs were places of relaxation and social exchange. A bath was in high esteem and very cultivated especially by the Romans.

The triumphal arch was built in honor of emperor Septimus-Severus. (Also exists in Rome).

The juristic, religious and economical center of Roman cities was always the forum. Sometimes functional parts of the forum were sourced out-as here in Leptis Magna-to the basilica.

On shore, the theater of Leptis Magna offered the unique scenery of the ocean as background for the plays, which were staged here. It is interesting, that in ancient times people already operated with lifting platforms, in the floor hidden ducts and trap doors to create special effects, whereof you can see for yourself in Leptis Magna.

Visiting this city is an absolute must for every tourist of Libya. It should not be a problem to attain Leptis Magna as it is located near the capital Tripolis (about 150km). A whole day should be allowed for this trip though, since the ruin complex is really extensive.

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