This region of almost half a million square meters is situated in the south of Libya with the major part in the Sahara Desert. The inhabitants were primarily Bedouins- tribes, which the Garamant Empire consisted of- and the population of the oases. Fezzan with its deserts of sand or rock could neither be conquered by the Greek nor by the Romans. The Arabian were the first to succeed in the early Middle Ages. The Trans-Sahara-Trade, which transacted over Ghadames, Murzuq and Ghat, however went through Fezzan. Fezzan is indeed the most hostile of the three provinces- still you find beautiful oases in this place, such as the Mandara-Lakes and the area of Um-al-Maa, the mother of water.

From the geographical as well as from the touristic point of view, the region surrounding the massif Akakus and the region on the massif itself, which is also situated in Fezzan, is very interesting.

In the form of petroglyphs and rock carvings eldest menís marks were left here. These messages of the Stone Age depict images of animals, which must have lived here at the time the Sahara desert was still copious and had a completely different climate.