Libya - A state of emergency

Due to the latest riots in Libya we de suggest to avoid traveling in or to Libya.

We wish and pray that the situation for our families, friends and partners will improve as soon as possible and turn to a good account..

Libyen supports the following - personally known relief organisation regarding the delivery and supply of much needed ressources of medical nature:

Libya Medical Relief

Phone: 00447521905960
Registered in UK - Company limited by Guarantee No 07544066. Registered address:
Fernhills business centre , Forester chambers, Todd street, Bury, GTR Manchester ,BL9 5BJ

Donate to:
Libyan Medical Relief/LMR
Charity Fund
A/c – 61795570 ( community account)
Sort Code - 40 43 28
Swift code - MIDLGB2158C
IBAN - GB81MIDL40432861795570
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Libya- journey to the underestimated treasure at the Mediterranean Sea

Libyen Reisen This site presents Libya from a tourist’s view. Unfortunately Libya is quite often associated with negative banner headlines; for this reason this site wants to point out the advantages of this country as travel destination. Since it is very difficult to include all of the interesting places and occurrences, only the main ones will be presented here. I am pleased by every contribution, which is helpful for the enrichment of this website and thereby holds up the connection with (the gate) to North Africa.

Libya is a country of legendary sites, ancient culture, wonderful landscapes and very friendly people, as you can find them in any other country, if you look for them in the right places. This site shall help you with this search. Consider it a storybook and browse through the fantastic variety, which North Africa has to offer.

Libyen Reisen The domain on ancient Libya provides historical information on places as the Greek and Roman coastal cities Leptis Magna, Sabratha and Ptolmais, for example.

The Sahara Desert is just partly situated in Libya, but it possesses numerous settings, which are worth a visit. In fairness however it should be mentioned, that a trip through the desert is connected with a great deal of inconvenience and restrictions. Nevertheless a visit to oases like Ghadames, Wau al Namus and Gabraun, for example or to caves with petrography, which are thousands of years old, compensate for all efforts.

Hints for your journey gives advice, which might help facilitate your stay in and your travel to Libya. Of course it has to be kept in mind, that you are in a foreign country, where customs are different and matters are not handled the same way as in European countries. E.g. You are not allowed to travel without a public servant within the frontiers.

General Information mainly deals with facts in regard to the country itself and gives hints to further websites concerning Libya.

Finally, I would like to refer to the tourist agency, which has many years‘ experience with individual or group tours in Libya and thereby return the favor of their help before, during and after my journeys to this part of the Arabian world.